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3M™ Conspicuity and Reflective Markings

Part No. 3MW - White


Part No. 3MY - Yellow


Part No. 3MR - Red


A full line of 3M™ reflective conspicuity markings to improve the visibility of trucks, trailers, tankers, school buses, public works vehicles, emergency response vehicles, and law enforcement vehicles.


Transcom Industries promotes the Australian Tucking Industry Association standards for truck visibility. With the following colour tape positions.


Front of truck - White

Side of truck - White / Yellow

Rear of truck - Red


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PLEASE NOTE: There are many reflective tapes available on the Australian market, but not all are manufactured to the highest quality and may not suit Australian conditions. Be aware when making a selection.

Please be advised Transcom Industries holds patents pending, design registrations and trademarks on many of its components.

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